At the 2009 annual meeting, the 1A FAR voted to endorse a Big 12 Conference initiative to include a required Academic Impact Statement in supporting information on new legislative proposals. The Academic Cabinet supported the idea. The Legislative Council voted to incorporate such an impact statement.


1. FARs in NCAA Governance. We began this project in April 2009 with a position paper to the Division I Board (and Leadership Council and senior NCAA administrators) and followed up periodically between April and the 2010 NCAA Convention. As you know, we argued that issues of intercollegiate athletics are virtually never exclusively athletic or academic and that both voices needed to be heard early for the best resolution of issues and to provide the most complete background for the Division I Board. At the NCAA Convention the Leadership Council recommended, and the Division I Board adopted, a requirement that all councils and cabinets have representation by 20 percent FARs and 20 percent ADs. [NOTE. We are continuing to review the issue of FARs in governance, including the current process where conferences submit only one name for positions as well as the question whether certain cabinets should have a greater proportion of 1A FARs in the overall FAR total (Amateurism? Recruiting?) because the issues that the Cabinets deal with occur disproportionately, or have disproportionately greater impact, in Division I FBS.]

2. Administration Cabinet Issues

          a. FARs on NCAA Committees. We have written to the Administration Cabinet, as well as the Division I Board and selected senior NCAA administrators, regarding FAR service on committees for which the Administration Cabinet recommends selection. We have argued against the Administration Cabinet position that there may be only one nominee from a Conference. We continue to work on the issue of committee appointments.

          b. Board-Directed Campus Evaluation of NCAA Governance. We also have written the Administration Cabinet, as well as the Division I Board and selected NCAA administrators regarding the evaluation process. In particular, we urged a broader array of questions on the survey developed by the Cabinet (and provided a list of suggested questions) and also urged that any survey sent to the campuses be sent separately and directly to the AD, FAR, and SWA. This is an on-going issue that the 1A FAR Board will continue to work on.

          c. Nomination Form. We provided the Administration Cabinet with suggested additional questions for the nomination form that will better gauge FAR relevant experience for committees. This, again, is an on-going issue that the 1A FAR Board will continue to work on.

3. Statement on Cost-Cutting. At the 2009 1A FAR annual meeting, several FARs agreed to work on a document of principles to guide any campus or NCAA cost-cutting initiatives. The committee was chaired by Bruce Jaffee, Indiana. Jim Rubel, Ball State, worked with Bruce on the drafting and Jack Thomas, New Mexico State, reviewed and commented. The 1A FAR owes them thanks for their work and efforts and also thanks to Frank Messina, Alabama, Birmingham, who volunteered to serve on the committee but had to withdraw due to circumstances beyond his control. The committee developed a draft statement that the 1A Board reviewed and finalized. The statement was sent to, among others, the Division I Board, selected NCAA senior administrators, the Division I FBS conference commissioners, and the Knight Commission. NOTE. The 1A FAR Board was asked to join a statement by COIA regarding budget cuts at Cal-Berkeley and the support of athletics from the academic budget. The 1A Board declined to join in the statement for a variety of reasons, including insufficient information regarding the circumstances at Berkeley and a decision that at this stage in our development, the 1A FAR needs to underscore and publicize itself and that therefore, as a general rule, we should issue independent statements rather than join others.

4. In-Person Meeting with Senior NCAA Administrators. The 1A FAR Board met with David Berst, Charlotte Westerhaus, Jim Isch, Greg Shaheen, and Wally Renfro. Among the matters we raised was that there needs to be FAR representation on task forces and other special committees appointed by the NCAA president, including the Committee on Values-Based Decision-Making. To date, there have been no FARs appointed.

5. Meeting with NABC. An outgrowth of the discussion with Greg Shaheen is a meeting scheduled for September between members of the NABC and the executive committee of the 1A FAR Board.

6. Communication with 1A FAR. We have instituted policies to alert 1A FARs through the 1A FAR list serve when we issues arise and to solicit participation from FARs as these issues arise. [We considered posting drafts of statements but decided instead to invite any FAR interested in a topic to let us know and to correspond directly with those FARs.] We have acted on requests from individual FARs re issues they believe that the 1A FAR should pursue (issue of nomination form is an example). We are posting on the website statements of the 1A FAR and 1A FAR Board.

7. 1A FAR List Serve. We are attempting to keep the list serve current and update as soon as we have information about a change in a FAR at a Division I FBS institution.

8. Design of Letterhead. We have redone the 1A FAR letterhead to state our underlying policy and to give it a little “oomph.” [Copy of letterhead is included in this tab of the meeting materials.]

9. 1A FAR Academic Award. The 1A FAR Board evaluated the possibility of announcing 1A FAR academic achievement awards. This issue is being presented to the 1A FAR for vote at the 2010 annual meeting.

10. Experience and Background of NCAA President. The 1A FAR Board wrote to the chancellors and presidents on the NCAA presidential search committee regarding what we believed they should look for in selecting a new NCAA president.

11. Myles Brand Tribute. The 1A FAR Board issued a statement/tribute regarding the accomplishments of Myles Brand as NCAA president.

12. The 1A FAR Board discussed whether to recommend to DI FBS FARs that we change our name to FBS. The Board decided that we should stay with the name we have but to refer to our association as the 1A Faculty Athletics Representatives and 1A FAR (we have been inconsistent in the past; using these two names as well as Division IA FAR and DI FAR and IA FAR).